We are a group of five MA Documentary Photography & Photojournalism students based in London, UK.


As part of our degree, we had to create a publication and chose to base ours on Donald J. Trump, his campaign promises and what a possible future with him in office would resemble. 


We are all from different backgrounds and of different ages: Bulgarian, American, Palestinian, Chinese and Franco-British, varying between the ages of 22 and 43. Our diversity allowed us to create a piece of work that is not a one-sided cultural vision, but rather the most international you could conceivably imagine. 


Everything in the magazine and on this website is drawn from fact, with extensive research having gone into the creation of the future of American politics. We wanted to highlight and concentrate Donald J. Trump's ideologies (up to now) into one place and making his candidacy, firstly interpreted as a joke, as a very real and potentially divisive truth.


Enjoy it, share it, and don't forget: let's make America great again.





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